Getting More From Usability Testing Your Game

What makes a usability test work?

Does this prove players will comprehend our game?

Does our design reliably nudge players toward the fun?

Can players use the controls and UI in every scenario?

Are we OK with our designs generating these observed outcomes in players? If not, what’s the design fix?

Perfecting your usability testing

Formalise your ‘success factors’ for the first-time player

Usability testing helps make these learnability expectations explicit, and then tests against them.

Identify which mechanics are unclear by design

Learnability is ‘under the microscope’ in the usability test lab. We must have a sense of what’s a pass or a fail.

The value of a newcomer

“Is it Fun?”

Less “was it fun?”, more “could players get to the fun?”

Have a ‘next test’ question bucket

With sessions booked back-to-back, every interview question becomes precious use of time.

Design Some Representative Scenarios

Only letting the usability testers roam freely might not expose nuanced design weaknesses.

Build a basic research repository




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